16/08 2008

ALPHA version of the single-click Debian / lenny installer has been released.
You need at least 500MB sdcard, which is formated with ext3 file system!

The single-click installation file!

09/08 2008

Now Debian / lenny is becoming a supported Debian arcitecture we start again running Debian on N800 / N810. We use the same way as below, but now with the armel (not the arm) architecture, which increase speed, especially if floating point is used. E.g. GIMP was not usable on arm.

We run Debian in an chroot environment using tightvncserver and on
maemo we use vncviewer.

The installation is done via debootstrap, so it takes some time, but it is the cleanest way to do it I think.

Feel free to use this HOWTO:

The packages and files  needed are here:
md5sum (binary program for chinook and diablo)

(The packages were compiled from unmodified debian sources on chinook sdk, but tested to work on diablo as well)

09/15 2007

Metronom application for N800 (package does not work on actual distros anymore, sorry. I am looking for a new way to support oss)

I did a quick port of GTick for MAEMO using esddsp for the sound. It is just a recompile (of gtick and esound) with minimal MAEMO additions.

GTick Package for N800

GTick Source


I did some tests on running debian / testing on a N800 using vncviewer.
(All is running on the N800, the whole debian / testing within a chroot, no connection to another computer needed!)

Here is a screenshot:

For details have a look at post to maemo-developers mailing list (post feb. 20th 2007).

January 16th, 2007: Again a new version of VNCViewer now availible!!!

Please have a look at the project page


Mainly user interface improvements compared to version 0.5. You can also directly download the installation file: vncviewer_0.6_armel.deb 

 -- Detlef Schmicker <>  Sun, 15 Sep 2007 

Privious version can be found on MAEMO Application with some usage description.